January 11, 2006

I am the world’s worst blogger. But, I am doing alright with the running. Since my last post, I have put in the following mileage:

12/11-12/17 :: 92 (7 runs)
12/18-12/24 :: 105 (8 runs)
12/25-12/31 :: 63 (7 runs)
1/1-1/7 :: 111 (9 runs)

The Christmas week was interesting. I ended up with a sore instep/ankle due to slipping on the icy roads the previous week. It started hurting pretty badly on Saturday and took until the following Wednesday to get somewhat under control. Since then, I have run almost exclusively on the treadmill. Yes, 111 miles in seven days on a treadmill. Surprisingly, it’s not that bad. I imagine it’s like being in prison. Once you realize you don’t have a choice, you begin to cope with it.

That week was also notable in that on 12/30 my son was born! Pretty cool. We now have one of each, which is great. My daughter loves her little brother, often too much and too roughly, but they get along great so far. Here’s a picture…

Lucky for him, he got his mother’s…well, everything.

Alright, I promise I will get better at blogging regularly. Ah, promises…