Sneezing Large and Coughing Easy

July 19, 2006

The last couple of days have been tired and lackluster. I’m still feeling the effects of the cold–run down, stuffed up, and the voice of a life-long smoker. Yesterday, I did an eight mile run with a couple of marathon pace miles to finish. Not as far as I wanted to go, but I just wasn’t feeling up to a longer run. Basically the same situation this morning. Seven mile run with some solid pick-ups, but just too tired to do anything sustained like a tempo or steady run.

Better days ahead. Thanks to Mike I finally got my hands on Daws’ book Running Your Best. It’s a great read so far. Makes me wonder what I could have done with a resource like this in college. Where I went to school, the coaching staff was of the opinion that 100 mile weeks were something that other schools did to their runners as a way of ‘thinning the herd’. Of course, these were always the schools that fielded a fifth runner that could generally beat our third, and so on down the line. Did I just go on a mini-rant there? Where was I?

The book is great so far. It’s hard to find, as it is out of print, and used book sellers know that it is in demand, charging correspondingly high prices. Try getting it through your library, or just borrow it from Mike. Ha!


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