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July 29, 2006

Area Man Runs Local 5k — And Gets Second! F!

I ran the Knight’s Challenge 5k, which supports one of our two high school’s cross country teams–the one with good coaching that actually tries to be competitive and makes cross country fun. I ran this same one last year as well, so it was nice to compare times. Last year was a painful 17:48, compared to this year’s equally painful 16:21. I was able to beat High School Kid, finally, but still ended up second to College Kid, a sub-31 10k runner. I ended up three seconds behind CK and one second in front of a slowly closing HSK, so it was a good race all around. Our team ended up second to the high school team. Although we did have the most interesting team: five guys, a twenty-something, thirty-something, forty-something, fifty-something, and a sixty-something. We finished in age order, too, which was neat.

Pace Graphs, Heart Rates, and Hills! Oh My!

Here are some chartsngraphs, brought to you by the fine people at stickenstone
Race - Knight's Challenge 5k 7-29-2006, Heart rate - Distance
Overall average heart rate of 172 with a peak of 179. Pretty consistently in the 170s, which objectively suggests redline. I would subjectively concur.

The 5k I ran at the end of April had similar numbers, an average of 171 and peak of 178.

Race - Knight's Challenge 5k 7-29-2006, Split pace
The two big peaks were quarter miles that included a 40 meter hill at 18% grade. The corresponding downhill is a further quarter-mile away, but is only about 15 meters long. It’s a loop course. Two loops, and a 200 meter finish stretch.

Race - Knight's Challenge 5k 7-29-2006, Split pace vs average pace
Here is a view of each quarter-mile split against the overall pace average. A solid race, I think. Fast start, strong first mile. Recovered from the pace a bit, then hit the first hill. Faster again in the middle, lost contact with the leader right before the hill, which just DESTROYED me, and then held on for dear life the last quarter and through the finish.

Double Running Stroller Finally Delivered!

We ordered a double running stroller from about six weeks ago and it finally showed up. Whoopie. Mike was lucky to have had a good experience with this company, but it looks like it’s much more common to get completely bent over by these yahoos. Don’t ever order anything from them should you have a choice.

The stroller is fantastic though. Absolutely wonderful.

This Week’s Mileage! This Week’s Workouts!

75 miles! Highlights were the 22 on Sunday, and a 14 miler on Thursday once I finally recovered from Sunday. I gave myself about 60 seconds to be impressed with the 14 miler before I flicked myself in the back of the head and reminded myself that these kinds of efforts need to be bread and butter (peanut butter and jelly?) in the coming weeks. I did the first seven around 6:10 pace average, and then dropped the pace down to a 5:45 average, just about goal MP. A good workout, and my first run ever over ten miles and under six minute pace. 1:23:10 for 14. Now for a few more, and longer.

‘Homemade’ Pizza? Just A Fabrication? DiGiorno’s?

Why so much interest in the pizza? It did look good, didn’t it?

Long Run Jeopardized By Global Warming and Drywall

No long run today. I was a bit sore from the race and helping a neighbor move a 150 pound TV (stupid is as stupid does) so I just went for 14 as the body and mind dictated. Almost exactly seven minute pace in hot, humid weather. We hit very close to 100 degrees here today with a dewpoint of about 75 all day long. Nasty.

Hope you all had a good weekend. I’m off to find a cool place to lay my head.


5 Responses to “Coming This Weekend :”

  1. Mike Says:

    Congrats on the race, especially for no speed work. I hate those young guys. I’m slowly backing away from the “race followed by long run” thing myself, I think it just beats up the body when it’s already bruised enough. I look forward to the new graphs and logs because…well, because I’m pathetic and enjoy looking at other peoples logs.

  2. Evan Says:

    Apropos of the icebath making your legs cramp up, do you follow the icebath with a couple of minutes in the warm-hot shower? That always finishes it up nicely by bringing fresh blood into the legs etc …

    Nice race.

  3. Greg Says:

    dquirNice race. Don’t you love 5K’s? Just pure pain from the gun to the tape. Lovely.

  4. mahoney Says:

    Sundog, just cruising through your blogs… pretty solid running. You will begin to see positive results over any distance very soon I do believe…

  5. Eric Says:

    Mike, for whatever reason I didn’t recover from the 5k very quickly. I was expecting to do the long run Monday, but I felt worse yesterday than Sunday. Go figure. Must be getting old…

    When I did the icebath, actually just a cold pool, I stayed in for ten minutes or so, got out, and walked it off. I guess it makes sense that I should have gotten into a warm shower after. Next time, I’ll nail the dismount.

    5k is a tough distance anyway, but I’m finding it really painful to run with one gear. Not having any speed in the legs, I kind of feel like a garbage truck in a drag race. I can build up some speed and hold it, but shifting gears is pointless. Just a strange feeling.

    Thanks for stopping by mahoney. The big mileage over the winter is definitely paying off now, especially in the longer distances. I wish I had known to try this kind of training when I was your age.

    Crap, I am old.

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